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  • Tor-tor cubes

    • Kedexa
    • Feb 19, 2022
    • https://store.steampowered.com/app/1863980/Tortor_cubes/

    Tor-tor cubes.

    "Tor-tor cubes" is an exciting puzzle game that offers a 2D view of the gameplay. The main objective of the game is to destroy all the cubes in each level. To accomplish this, players have access to a variety of power-ups that add depth and strategy to the gameplay.

    The game features numerous power-ups that players can utilize to overcome challenges and clear the levels more efficiently. Some of the power-ups available in "Tor-tor cubes" include:

    • Fireball: This power-up allows players to shoot fireballs at the cubes, destroying them instantly.
    • Laser: The laser power-up emits a powerful beam that can cut through multiple cubes in a straight line.
    • Sticky Paddle: With this power-up, the paddle becomes sticky, allowing players to catch and control the ball more effectively.
    • Grow Paddle: The grow paddle power-up increases the size of the paddle, making it easier to hit and destroy cubes.
    • Shrink Paddle: Conversely, the shrink paddle power-up reduces the size of the paddle, adding an extra challenge to the gameplay.
    • Revive Ball: This power-up brings back a lost ball, giving players an additional chance to clear the level.
    • Split Balls: The split balls power-up divides the ball into multiple smaller balls, increasing the chances of hitting and destroying cubes.
    • Speed Up: This power-up increases the speed of the ball and paddle, adding a faster-paced element to the gameplay.
    • Slow Down: On the other hand, the slow down power-up decreases the speed of the ball and paddle, allowing for more precise movements.
    • Extra Life: The extra life power-up grants players an additional life, providing a safety net in case they lose a ball.

    In addition to the various power-ups, "Tor-tor cubes" features different types of destructible cubes that players must navigate and destroy. These include:

    • Unbreakable Cubes: These cubes cannot be destroyed and serve as obstacles that players must avoid.
    • Multi-hit Cubes: These cubes require multiple hits to be destroyed, adding an extra layer of challenge to the gameplay.
    • Cage Cubes: Caged cubes are trapped within a cage and can only be destroyed by hitting them from specific angles or using certain power-ups.
    • Bomb Cubes: When destroyed, bomb cubes explode, destroying nearby cubes and creating chain reactions.

    With its engaging gameplay mechanics, diverse power-ups, and various types of destructible cubes, "Tor-tor cubes" offers players a challenging and strategic puzzle-solving experience. Whether you're a casual gamer or a puzzle enthusiast, this game provides hours of entertainment as you strive to clear each level and master the art of cube destruction.

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